Watch: Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 017 present Kerri Chandler: Unplug - Track 1 (The Way It Goes)

Watch Kerri Chandler perform a live version of Track 1 alongside a host of musicians in an empty church.

Ahead of Kerri Chandler's headline appearance at Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 017 later this month, they teamed up with the house legend himself to present a short video titled Unplug. Celebrating the grassroots of music by disconnecting from the web, it follows Kerri as he disconnects from the decks and producing software and is joined by a host of talented musicians and vocalist Troy Denari to compose a classical remake of his standout club cut Track 1 (The Way It Goes).

Jumping on the double bass himself, the live orchestra assembled in an empty church to perform and fall off the grid for a while. The audio for the classical version of Track 1 is also available to stream and download in advance of the live show on August 18th, where Boiler Room and Ray-Ban will present an evening of classic partying with Kerri and further guests to be announced – which means mobile phones away, with bodies 100% locked to the groove.


Kerri Chandler on upright Bass 
Troy Denari on vocals 
Patrick Mangan on violin 
Carolyn Goodwin on saxophone 
Hervé Martens on the Fender Rhodes 

Kerri Chandler headlines Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 017 on August 18th, with more guests and location to be announced (info).

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