Watch: Polygrains - Salome

The Greek musician spends the day dancing and eating ice cream in the video for his 'Pleasure Coma' album track, Salome.

We've followed Greek musician Polygrains' journey over the past few years and found great pleasure in his recently release album 'Pleasure Coma', which features a selection of tracks all checking in at double the average heart rate (116-120bpm) to incite a feeling of arousal, just like its namesake. 

Keeping up the momentum, Polygrains drops an intimate video for album track Salome today, which sees the electronic music composer hangs out in the forest with a gang of lizards and snails, before taking to the streets to dance in a chain covered shellsuit and eat ice cream.

Really, there's no better way to spend your day.

Watch Polygrains' video directed by Dimitris Vrakas above, and check yourself into Pleasure™ with a listen of his album, which is out now.

Polygrains' album 'Pleasure Coma' is out now (buy).

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