Watch: Oscar #worldpeace - Run

North London's newest rap king makes an escape in this jittery new visual.

Hailing from Tottenham, north London, Oscar #worldpeace follows a long line of prestige coming from the area, but he is not your typical rapper. He is easily one of the more animated voices in UK rap, while a brutally honest style and delivery places emphasis on the topics he tackles on record. On debut EP 'Recluse', which dropped near the beginning of the year, Oscar made sense of issues such as Brexit, knife crime, depression and wider social issues that make London (and the world) a scary place.

On his new video, 'Run', which is directed by Taz Tron Delix, Oscar is seen running while his body is almost altered into a virtual reality to expose his soul through different shades and hues. A trippy visual from start to finish, you can instantly sense the fear that is circulating his body as he runs for his life.

Watch 'Run' below:


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