Watch Night Slugs/Fade To Mind’s new short documentary, ‘Icy Lake’

Co-directed by Wills Glasspleigel and L-Vis 1990, it expands on the story behind their recent re-release of a lost ballroom classic.

While their transatlantic axis has been established for a while now, Night Slugs and Fade To Mind have only just officially teamed up for their first joint release: reprinting lost '90s tribal house gem Icy Lake. It's been getting love from various NS/FTM players for a while, but in the midst of one of their familiarly thrusting sets, it might be easy to miss the significance of Dat Oven's Icy Lake. What's extraordinary about the track is that - rather like Charanjit Singh's apparently prophetic acid house - for a tune released in 1998 and big on the New York gay scene, its cold clicks and digital iclcles sound strangely similiar to the Eski sounds emerging out of East London a few years later. 

This short film produced by UK Thump and directed by Wills Glasspiegel and L-Vis 1990 uncovers the fascinating story of Icy Lake, featuring interviews with Dat Oven member Shunji Morawaki, party host "Just Anthony" Aviance and Total Freedom, the producer who first "rediscovered" the track after coming across a Youtube clip of legendary DJ Junior Vasquez spinning at NY club The Palladium. They also speak with Billy Jarecki, whose voice was used on the track, detailing the suprisingly banal truth behind a vocal sample that could rival Valley Of The Shadows in terms dancefloor creepiness. 

For the release, the two labels have pulled in some thrilling remixes from L-Vis 1990 and Total Freedom, as well as an intriguing match-up between DJ Rashad and Nguzunguzu member NA. 

Night Slugs/Fade To Mind release 'Icy Lake' on May 6th 2014 (pre-order).

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