Watch: Jon Phonics feat. Lee Scott - PPLPERSON

Le Coq Sportif joggies and Rockports - check. Free Dom P - check.

People person. Who the fuck actually enjoys being a 'people person'? Lee Scott leaves the answer ambiguous as he drops some wisdom on Jon Phonics' new track, PPLPERSON, taken from Phonics' first album in six years, 'Letters To Home'. Featuring further appearances from Milktray, Dressin Red, Dirty Dike, and more – it moves effortlessly from the sino sounds of Nagasaki VIP through to sexy synth led tones of Gut Splash. 'Letters To Home' is quite the full length from the Astral Black head that we've all been waiting (quite some time) for.

Standout track PPLPERSON also comes complete with some NTS produced A game visuals, shot on the rooftops above the home of the radio station – Gilett Square aka Jazz Square (or even CRACKBA to some). Sit back and watch above as the "all bad" rap wrong'un takes you into another (hyperreal) rap dimension, with lyrics that traverse through the motions of Le Coq Sportif joggies and Rockports, free Dom P, and a mouthful of platinum teeth.

Lee Scott adds:

"This. This is a lovely song. A song for the whole family. Jon provided the beautiful music prompting me to write the most pleasant shit I could think of to match the unequivocal ethereal beauty of the soundscape. To get that extra snug, comfortable feel, I literally recorded the whole song lying in bed with a hot drink. Campfires should be sat around for the full listening experience but just remember – safety first!"

'Letters From Home' is out now (buy). The album launch takes place June 10th at Rye Wax featuring Lee Scott, Trellion & Sumgii (Cult Mountain/Blah! Records), JD. Reid, Dressin Red, Drae Da Skimask, Laurellah, DJ Gilla, and Jon Phonics (info).

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