Watch: Impey feat. O-Dessa - Bleepz w/ Kwam & Darkos

Kwam and Darkos keep it gully on Impey's beat, taken from his debut EP on Astral Black.

Touching down on Astral Black with his debut EP 'Midnight In Havana' last month, the Sector 7 Sounds and NTS Radio regular Impey shows no sign of slowing the pace, with his five-track release moving through all of the motions – whether it's the instrumental backdrop to your favourite fire MC or the soundtrack of a moody bus ride home.

Kwam and Darkos jumped on board stand-out track Bleepz for an exclusive cypher shot 360 on Gillett Square by the NTS team. At an impressive eight and half minutes long, the pair relay out whirlwind bars in front of a trippy backdrop that mirrors Impey's EP artwork by Oscar Whale, with Kwam goes in ruder than Kool Keith whilst Darkos keeps it very gully.

Watch the cypher above, and try yer best to keep up.

Impey's 'Midnight In Havana' EP is out now on Astral Black (buy).

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