Watch: Find Your Magic with NFL wide receiver Nathan Palmer

Find out how the multi-talented footballer and musician finds his magic both on the pitch and in the studio for Vice Sports.

Watch multi-talented NFL wide receiver Nathan Palmer excel both on the field and in the studio in this Lynx video for Vice Sports.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought: “There’s something missing?” Your garms are on point, hair gelled just the way you like and your breath is stink free – but there’s still something lacking – like a major piece of the manhood puzzle that has yet to be found. Without it, you’re not quite the boss you want to be. Enter the Kanye West to your Jay Z: Lynx’s Find Your Magic.

Confidence is a fine thing, and it’s crucial to everyone’s innate perception of themselves. So, whether you’re about to enter the field or the music studio, like Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders wide receiver Nathan Palmer (who enviably excels at both), Lynx will release the individual in you. Palmer juggles two blossoming careers with the confidence and hunger of the modern man, and while not everyone can be him, one spray of Lynx is a good start…

Watch Palmer in action across the board of his talents for Vice Sport above, and get set to be fully inspired.

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