Watch: Corbi feat. HYDE + SEEK - Cosmo

Take a peek into Corbi's Balearic bubble with the nostalgia evoking video for his debut release.

One forth of Ibiza based Melon Crew and an A&R by day, Cosmo is the debut release for seasoned industry head Corbi. Lucky enough to live full time within his own Balearic bubble, he's spent quiet winters on The White Isle learning music theory in the build up to forging his own path in music production. The end result is a dusty-chord 909 infused track, topped off with a sublime layer of vocals from indie-pop act HYDE + SEEK's leading lady, Binky.

Shot by Netti Hurley on a nostalgia evoking VHS camera, the visuals for Cosmo delve into Corbi's deepest inspiration – Ibiza off-season. This rare time to sit and rest on the island is a centrifugal force in Corbi's creative life there, reflected in the video's clear waters, shuttered clubs, and blue skies.

Cosmo is out June 24th (buy).

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