Watch: Celestial Trax - Together

Celestial Trax's new video features a faceless queen in a visor driving a sports car whilst soul searching to a mean soundtrack.

Long-time label affiliate Celestial Trax returned to Purple Tape Pedigree last month for the release of his new four-track EP, ‘From The Womb’. Today he shares a mystical video for Together, which rolls out a choppy visual journey alongside the ethereal yet hard-hitting EP track. 

Directed by New York based arts and party focused collective ZODIACK, there's quite a few elements at play here. In the opening sequence it's like we're settling down to watch a swampy slasher film, before being swept off to some far-flung exotic beach, where we're deep in a Laura-Palmer-by-the-lake inspired seance. Not staying still for too long, there's a dash through an underground tunnel before the video gives way to a sports car cruising down a tree-lined driveaway. It feels like we're on the way to shoot Ashanti's video for Rock Wit U, but Irv Gotti's in a bad fucking mood.

There's not much more to say other than watch, and keep watching. It's like being swept away into a promo of your dream holiday villa, only there's a faceless queen in a visor driving a sports car whilst soul searching to a mean soundtrack. 

Catch Celestial Trax on his North American tour this month and next, before he embarks on EU and UK domination throughout the summer.

'From The Womb' is out now on Purple Tape Pedigree (buy).

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