Watch: Brook Baili - Louder

Taken from the exciting new talent's forthcoming 'Phases' EP.

Brook Baili

Brook Baili is about to stand out from the pack. The Yorkshire born, London-based singer-songwriter is the latest product of the BRIT School, the same institution to hone the talents of artists such as Adele, Loyle Carner and King Krule to name a few, and she is fast becoming known for her gripping vocals and powerful storytelling, which she leans on to create her own unique blend of alternative pop and R&B. Baili plans to release her debut EP, 'Phases', in Septmber via Mainframe Music, and she has revealed her new single from the project, 'Louder'.

Sonically, the track is a moody and sultry bass-driven R&B offering, backed by lush horn arrangements and ethereal synths, while the visual does well to tell its own story of amazing chemistry between Brook and her leading man. Speaking on the track, she said: “The idea of ‘Louder’ is to evoke that euphoric high, and it is about having a strong desire to chase it over and over again no matter the consequence. We can all get so consumed by pleasure and the release of endorphins sometimes, that we become addicts chasing the next high and the addiction gets louder and louder until all common sense falls out of the window and all we hear is our own desire for more.”

Watch 'Louder' below:


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