Watch a short film soundtracked by Lapalux

Sounds from the Brainfeeder beatmaker illuminate a film about teenage love.

New sounds from Lapalux accompany a short film by Nick Rutter.

The film, called Chrysalis, tells a tale of awkward and angsty teenage love. As such, it features a lot of footage of teenagers being teenagers - underage drinking, smoking spliffs, riding bikes, breaking into abandoned buildings, going to parties, getting off and generally being young, bored, and full of hormones. As our protagonist sees the brace-wearing girl of his dreams drifting towards another boy (with uncanny James Blake good looks) it tears him apart, rather literally.

One Youtube commentor expresses the sentiment of the film rather elegantly: "Rotting without you. A piece of me dies when we're not together." The commentor's username? DAVE RAPPALOT - it says a lot that about the strength of this film that it can speak so truly to somebody with the URL MONEYMAKINDAVE.

Rutter and Lapalux have a history of working together - Rutter directed the video for Without You, taken from Lapalux's debut album 'Nostalchic' (read Dummy's take on that album here), and this seems to be his way of repaying the favour. The song is called Gold and was written specifically for the film.

Brainfeeder released Gold on September 9th.

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