Video Premiere: Bambooman - Static

Bambooman takes a unique trip around London in his new visual.

Bambooman deserves the title of veteran in the U.K. electronic music scene. The producer from Yorkshire (who now lives in London) has been as consistent as he has been hard working over the last couple of years, creating everything from scrunched up hip-hop to techno deviance, all delivered with an impish sense of individuality. After dropping a whopping six EPs - the most recent being last year's 'Shudder' on new home Accidental Recordings - he plans to drop his debut album, 'Whispers' on the 25th of this month, and we are premiering the latest single from it, 'Static'.
The clue is very much in the title, as Bambooman explores the city of London in a number of stills of iconic landmarks, buildings and locations. Its almost like a snapshot of the big city that reveals its many intricacies and details that make it so unique. 

"The idea behind this video was to shoot a hyper-lapse, made from thousands of photos sequenced in synch to the key rhythms, which develop though out the track," Bambooman told Dummy over email. "This gave a very stuttered, traveling visual to accompany the music, made entirely from 'Static' shots. The track felt most suited to an urban setting, this is why we wanted to film it in a busy city, and so we chose London where I currently live. We filmed across key tourist sites, as well as places I have visited a lot, which all make a sneaky cameo. A lot of the video though, is spent on trains and throughout the capital's underground network, which in a small way makes me think of the many long, tiring "static" journeys people have to take across London everyday. Maybe this is just a tedious link, but the vocal chops heard building up over the track kind of back up this  "forever and forever the same" kind of theme".

Watch 'Static' exclusively below:



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