The Throne (Kanye West & Jay Z) – Otis

A simple exposition by Spike Jonze on why being Jay Z and Kanye West is a lot of fun, and, further, hip hop is the almost certainly best genre.

Spike Jonze made a great video for The Throne (Kanye West and Jay-Z)‘s album highlight Otis. Much has been written (notably by our very own Aimee Cliff) about the album’s grandeur, but, for me, the real thrill is not The Throne’s opulence but its essentiality – it’s a pure, incredibly simple exercise in virtuosity.

Otis is a great example of this – it’s rap stripped – two men of quite incredible charisma and talent showing off and holding forth on politics, vitality and how excellent they are about over a booming beat. It’s basically rap’s Platonic Ideal! Apparently, the album will hit number one in 23 countries and sales will top half a mill. Every single one of those customers will be satisfied.

Anyhonks, Spike Jonze’s video is as pure as the song – two men having the time of their life in a car of their making underneath a vast Stars & Stripes, with four really pretty ladies. In doing so, the video offers a neat little reminder that rap is both wonderful, and the first truly 21st century artform. The car, a somewhat customized Maybach, will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to African drought relief.

Def Jam and Roc Nation released The Throne (Kanye West and Jay Z)‘s album ‘Watch The Throne’ on the 8th August 2011

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