The Range - Telescope

Observing observations of space with the intergalactic producer.

Rhode Island producer The Range lives up to his name on his debut album 'Nonfiction' by roaming around a massive spectrum of genres; in his gleaming productions you can hear the brashness and sample-heavy textures of hip hop and the heat of jungle and rave pulling it closer to the dancefloor, while the emotional touchstones of influences like Burial and Caribou pull your eyes up to the sky.

The new video for album cut Telescope, directed by Peter Taylor, reflects the track's melancholic, head-nodding vibes by overlaying everything with static, and reflects The Range's - aka James Hinton's - own removed, all-encompassing perspective on dance by observing the observation of space. Pretty meta. 

Donky Pitch released 'Nonfiction' on the 14th October 2013.

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