The Field - Sweet Slow Baby

Kompakt's Axel Willner will release his new album 'Looping State Of Mind' in October, and there's a grainy black and white video up now for a tracks.

Following ‘Yesterday And Today’ in 2009, The Field, Axel Willner, purveyor of cerebral, lushly crafted techno, is due to release his new album ‘Looping State Of Mind’ in October. You can now hear the first track to emerge from the record, Sweet Slow Baby. As album titles go, ‘Looping State Of Mind’ is pretty spot on in describing what Willner’s music sounds like, and this track doesn’t deviate from his previous smoothly put together, looping noise formula. The grainy black and white, night vision-looking video acts as the perfect partner to his hazy, pastoral approach to beats and textures, and all in all it’s a lovely and immersive way to spend nine minutes of your time.

Kompakt will release The Field’s ‘Looping State Of Mind’ on 24th October 2011

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