Syngja - Surface of the Sea (Fluency Aware)

Jubilant youths cavort about in a land of scattered Froot Loops.

Syngja, a Montreal group made up of cellist/singer Tyr Jami and producer Aleks Schürmer (who also makes digital operas with collaborator Frances Adair Mckenzie) with visuals by Zuzu Knew, have a new mini-film out called Surface of the Sea to accompany their song Fluency Aware, with writing and direction from João Gabriel de Quieroz and Schürmer.

Adorably, it features the family Schürmer babysits for in the roles of jubilant youths cavorting about in a land of scattered Froot Loops. The star of it all is Anise, whose intensity makes its presence felt throughout the film with it ending on a haunting shot of her staring down intently as projections dance behind her and across her face. You will not think of Froot Loops the same after seeing this.

Syngja will put out new music some time in 2015. 

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