Survive live at SXSW

If Depeche Mode were a jam band that lived in Austin, Texas, they'd be blessed to be local heroes Survive.

I was not prepared for Survive last night. The Austin, Texas synth four-piece were playing at Emo’s, a skanky but well-loved cornerstone of the local music scene that was enjoying a last hurrah before they closed the current venue down to focus on a shiny new one uptown. I was in the monosyllabic stage of jetlag, and was heading towards the crash-out zone thanks to the decidedly un-dulcet tones of 90s industrial metal-heads Skrew who, bizarrely, were on first. Which would’ve been the stupidest of moves because I’ll have missed my new favourite band, Survive. Oh man, Survive. Survive! These four local dudes have been in my peripheral vision for a little while but, shame on me, I hadn’t yet given them a proper listen. But enough lamenting: ever forwards. This video, shot on my iPhone, doesn’t even get close to touching on just how good Survive are live. But it’s a hint at it. Check those stacks of synths. And their Mode-esque sonic command of joyful pain and painful joy. Survive came very close to exquisite last night, and revived me in the process.

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