Sleep ∞ Over & Survive’s tips for SXSW

Texas synth band buddies get stoked on the shows they're most looking forward to at SXSW this week.

Stefanie Franciotti aka Dummy favourite synth artist Sleep ∞ Over is part of Austin, Texas’ sprawling but super tight music scene. She was hanging with her pal Adam, who makes the most intense jams from outer space with Austin four-piece Survive and is also one half of the darkly theatrical synth-pop duo Troller, and the two of them took a moment out from swapping schedules with friends to get hyped about the shows they’re most looking forward to seeing this week at South By.

Catch Sleep ∞ Over at the Dummy XO showcase on Wednesday 14th March, and Troller at “avant-garde dance party” Wardenclyffe on Thursday 15th March at SXSW

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