Slackk - Shogun Assassin

The ace producer/archivist continues his odyssey through the darker reaches of grime music.

Slackk- Shogun Assassin from slackk on Vimeo.

Slackk’s a guy with his fingers in many pies, from founding the Grimetapes blog to contorting saccharine slow jams into juke workouts for his Patrice & Friends project.

A re-tooler obsessed with maximalism, there’s no surprise he loves grime at its most unrelenting. He took icy cold eski melodies and punishing bass to a searing peak with his ‘Raw Missions’ EP earlier in the year, and has followed form with Shogun Assassin – a heavy nod to Spooky’s militaristic productions complete with canned chants, scythes and gunshots. The video, culled from clips from the 1980 Samurai revenge flick of the same name and billed as “A grime fable”, is an appropriately fast-paced, bloody and blade-y watch.

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