SETH - Preicpii Oowee

A tour documentary of sorts from UNO's Gobby and James K.

SETH is the collaborative project between Gobby and James K (real name Jamie Krasner). They released an EP via UNO a few days ago, four tracks of completely face-melting, noisy almost-pop songs. For every track on the EP they've made an accompanying music video (the first was for Dont Open Your Make), each basically compiled from camcorder-shot footage of a holiday that Gobby and Krasner took. But given that Gobby and Krasner are SETH, you can view these holiday snaps as a tour documentary in its own way. And given that neither artist is known for being straightforward, the footage isn't exactly sweet and innocent - if it's a tour documentary, then it's documenting a tour of a k-hole.

If you want to see the rest of the videos in the series then head to Dazed Digital - they're also hosting an interview with Gobby and Krasner.

UNO released the 'Chick On The Moon' EP on October 8th.

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