SETH - Dont Open Your Make

Gobby teams up with singer James K; the result is marginally less erratic than usual.

The latest project to see a release on experimental New York label UNO is SETH, a collaboration between fizzy producer Gobby and singer James K, better known as Jamie Krasner, who previously appeared on Physical Therapy's Drone On.

A song called Dont Open Your Make sees Gobby toning down the more erratic elements of his production (although let's not lose sight, it is still Gobby producing, so it's hardly straightforward). The result is something that is tricky to put into words - the most adequate description would be that it sounds like Portishead, if Portishead made chopped and screwed filter house, which isn't really adequate at all.

You'll notice that the video is tagged as "Act 1" - it's apparently the first in a series.

While we're at it, Gobby also uploaded a new song to his Soundcloud earlier today simply tagged as Robin Thicke Presents Blurred Lines Seth which is basically a version of the original chart-topper with extra fart noises and Casio keyboards. It's tagged as "wack", "shitty" and "stupid", which it is.

UNO will release the 'Chick On The Moon' EP on October 8th.

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