Rhye - The Fall (Two Inch Punch’s Can’t You Stay Rework)

Synchronised swimmers and clean, clever funk converge in the crossover dance producer's new rework of Rhye.

London producer Two Inch Punch takes on Rhye’s The Fall (a track that’s received a heck of a lot of attention on these pages before) with this video that features re-edited footage of swimmers, neatly complimenting modern day disco legend Maurice Fulton’s recent take on the track. Listening to it, I was immediately reminded of the feeling I had when French producer Breakbot was emerging a few years ago: here is an artist that makes clean and clever funk tunes that manage to sound fresh and distinctive on a well-established template. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

If you missed it, Two Inch Punch made us an excellent Dummy Mix of sultry soul jams back in July.

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