Real Lies - Deeper

The London pop trio drop a dreamy retro-not-retro debut, and give away their telephone number in the process.

One of the more immediately likeable discoveries of the day is Real Lies, who dropped a video for their debut single, Deeper, earlier this month. Actually, it's not quite a new discovery - Dummy's Ruth Saxelby wrote about the track last year, but they've since changed their name from Real Life to Real Lies (presumably so's not to upset the Google Gods) and started afresh. There's a little bit more information about the group now, too - they're a trio from London, and Deeper is the first of three double A-sides from the band that are due to be pressed by label Sweet Exile.

Deeper is rather swell, a dreamy pop house track that sounds a bit like Lone covering the Pet Shop Boys. The video is one of those retro-not-retro types that seem to be all the rage right now, a mixture of 90s VHS visuals and modern HD - a description you could probably apply to the song itself - and comes courtesy of one Rollo Jackson, who said to i-D that he wanted to capture "that feeling of drunken dreamy memories, feelings of total elation and then despair which at times are very’s saying how important those memories and moments can be – things shouldn’t be devalued just because they’re hazy or distant."

The video ends with a telephone number to get in touch with the band, something that used to be standard (Daft Punk's first single displayed their number, for example) but, in the internet age, has since drifted out of fashion - which makes it fitting for such a nostalgic track. 

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