Real Lies - Blackmarket Blues

Kev Kharas makes an important phonecall after a failed search for ghosts in the city.

North London-based trio Real Lies has shared a video for Blackmarket Blues, the lead single and opening track from their upcoming debut album 'Real Life'.

Directed by Bison, the new clip centers around member Kev Kharas as he restlessly searches for "the ghosts that haunt every corner of this city." Kharas heads to a public phone box on a busy main road and sings back the lyrics to his recipient before slamming the phone down at the track's climatic conclusion.

As well as sharing a new video, Real Lies has announced that they are to support Foals on their upcoming tour this winter - details of which can be found here.

Watch the video for Blackmarket Blues above and revisit our Next feature with Real Lies here.

Real Lies release their debut album 'Real Life' on October 16th through Marathon Artists (pre-order).

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