Raisa K - Feeder

This video from the Micachu and the Shapes keyboardist features experimental burlesque performer Betty Grumble doing her thing on a down under beach.

You get the feeling Raisa K, who last impressed by making perverse sense out of a hideous racket for her remix of Rowdy Superstar’s Breathe, wanted to create something that stuck in the mind for her first video. Memorable it certainly is, with Australian former child pageant star turned feminist burlesque performer Betty Grumble writhing around on an idyllic-looking beach. The results are gloriously grotesque, going some way to splicing Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, with Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s novel It), not a combination I’d ever spent much time previously considering.

While it’s a visual that becomes difficult to heave your bemused eyes away from, it’d be wrong to let it overpower the track itself. Crafting a warped carnivalesque vibe, with thick slabs of distorted bass weaving throughout, Raisa snarls at her female subject, “a feeder, a chronic satisfier”. This will be the title track of Raisa’s EP for Technicolour, which will be the first release from the new Ninja Tune offshoot – and if Feeder is an indicator of what’s to come, the label should be about to get off to a solid start.

Technicolour will release the ‘Feeder’ EP on 14th January

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