Quick catch-up: Ho99o9

We caught up with the New Jersey duo at AFROPUNK London to chat about giant jars of Nutella, tacos, and shitty weather.

We caught up with New Jersey duo Ho99o9 (pronounced HORROR) during AFROPUNK's first UK show at Alexandra Palace, London on September 24th.

Sitting down with band members theOGM and Eaddy, the conversation was far from bland – moving from chat about superpowers and shitty London weather to tacos, weed, trees, giant jars of Nutella, and a dab station.

We caught a bit of Ho9909's high octane performance too, but above all, really couldn't get over how good theOGM looked in skinny jeans. Watch the catch-up above, and keep an eye on the Dummy's social channels for further snippets from the day.

Thanks to AFROPUNK and Big Box for making this possible. Watch more video interviews like this on our YouTube playlist.

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