Premiere: Xander Ghost - Frozen

Xander Ghost brings life (and love) to a standout from his 'Psychotropica' album.

Xander Ghost

Like a gust of wind on a cloudy day, Xander Ghost is bringing change in a major way. The singer-songwriter and former producer for Florence and the Machine has stepped out of the background of late, becoming a fully-fledged solo artist and creating cinematic, bouncy music that releases something in you. His debut project ‘Psychotropica’, released last month, was a throwback to the 1980s synth-heavy vibrations heard in films such as 'Drive', but with a euphoric mixture of R&B, electro and rap. Today, he drops the striking visual to one of its cuts, ‘Frozen’.

Set in a swanky mansion, Xander (who directed the video) has a potential romance – who is seemingly a robot – and they begin to bond before an unhappy ending. Ghost’s vocals are especially striking, speaking to the pain of losing a love.

"The concept for the video came after watching the film Ex-Machina,” Xander told Dummy in an email. “The minimalism in the house was the first inspiration that came to mind. That led me to do a one location video. We decided to shoot it on RED camera to have a cinematic feel. It was my first video to direct, and the reason I wanted to direct it was so that there would be continuity between the idea and execution."

Watch ‘Frozen’ exclusively below:


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