Premiere: We Have Band - What’s Mine, What’s Yours

Take in the sights and sounds of the UK band's 100+ date tour this year in this sweet video.

One of the hardest working – and smiliest – bands in the business, We Have Band wrap up a big year of touring their second album ‘Ternion’ with this sweetly reflective video for album standout What’s Mine, What’s Yours. Directed and edited by Kate Bones, the video was shot on the band’s globe-trotting tour that took in over 100 dates and paints a romantic picture of tour life, red wine in a box and all.

In other We Have Band news, check this special 26-minute rework of the first five tracks from ‘Ternion’ by Tom from the band. The What’s Mine, What’s Yours section of the rework is available for free download. “It was inspired by The League Unlimited Orchestra’s ‘Love and Dancing’ Album,” says Tom of the rework. “The idea of taking only the component parts from an original album recording and re-imagining them – creating a new and unique piece of music from what already existed whilst trying not to take a conventional remix approach.”

Naïve released We Have Band’s second album ‘Ternion’ on 30th January 2012


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