Premiere: Ultrademon - I Done Mind

Ultrademon's video sullies the sterilised tech surfaces of our current society.

Ultrademon's forthcoming album on Coral Records Internazionale channels the spirit of popular YouTuber and vegan activist, Durian Rider. Founder of the forum '30 Bananas A Day', the online persona single-handedly established the largest IRL fruitarian and fruit based community on the planet. A testament to the shadowy internet figure, Kansas based producer Ultrademon states that 'Durian Rider' is about "riding your bike, dodging the vampires, and eating fruit". Created using melodic parts from live synthesizers alongside mechanical sounding samples, the album is home to swathes of ambient-industrial like track Moonlit through to the rowdy Jersey club and ballroom inspired plod of I Done Mind. Don't worry, it doesn't smell as bad as an IRL durian fruit.

Fuzzy VHS visuals of Ultrademon's I Done Mind sully the sterilised tech surfaces of our current society, creating a fractured and distorted video that reject this ideal. Watch the video for I Done Mind above and soak up a bit of background with the following quote from producer Ultrademon.

"Hi-fi visuals are the mainstay, whether mainstream pop or underground electronic music. 3D landscapes of fantastic paradises and glossed up models stand atop the twin towers of Boaz and Jachin. I have supported images similar to my vision of Utopia, but, what is showing up in our feeds comes through a distorted lens, I cannot abide. Our lives are shrouded in smoke and mirrors as all that we are and perceive are photons that we only see the after image of, things of the past. This delusion of clarity - a rejection of the noise that is going on in (& around us). The delusion is only abstracted by another layer of firmware. Tech is jagged; hard edges masked by updates and advancements, new font types and fashion styles. The images in this video show something a bit more real, raw, distorted. Like our sorrow and joy - through fractured pieces of our true love for one other. The bars are our self imposed cage of apathy - our collective rejection of our true nature. This is polarised by our true nature, as we are empathetic frugivorous mammals."

'Durian Rider' is out November 27th on Coral Records Internazionale (buy).

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