Premiere: Strangelove - Lonely Souls

Left-field hip-hop trio Strangelove reimagine life, love and loneliness in London in their dizzying new video.


Strangelove have cultivated a mean sound and a lot of fans in just a few years. The left-leaning underground hip-hop trio combine abstract, coded lyricism with cinematic soundscapes, and their style is so appealing that even Homeboy Sandman of Stones Throw Records is a fan, which says a lot about how far they have extended their appeal. Their 2013 EP 'Purple' was unlike anything emanating from the underground, and today marks the release of the group's new video, 'Lonely Souls', which is the lead single from their upcoming project 'EP 1'.

Directed by Taz Tron Delix, the chaotic movie sees Strangelove combine the anguish that comes from living in a big city, with the uncertainty that pursuing someone you love can generate. The result - a myriad of bewildering images - leaves you breathless."After a month of micro-dosing LSD we began formulating ideas for the visual aesthetic of Lonely Souls in a pub in Bethnal Green," the group told Dummy over email. "We wanted to convey the dizzying turmoil of modern romance and set it against the alienating experience of living in London (or any major city). The result lies somewhere between a bad trip and a feverish hallucination." 

Watch 'Lonely Souls' below:

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