Premiere: Southern Shores - Marazul

Filmmaker Andrew de Freitas makes a beautiful video to match the Toronto duo's pan-continental balearic vibe.

Southern Shores - Marazul from Cascine on Vimeo.

Not to be confused with the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for my hometown, Andrew de Freitas is the filmmaker behind some recent portraits of TOPS and Julia Holter, and he believes in the image. “It’s not so often these days that we’ll see a single moving image, uncut, for longer than a few seconds” he told us in a brief exchange with him, and this attitude shows on his new video for Toronto duo Southern Shores’ Marazul. It’s not that he doesn’t cut – the conventions of the music video lead us to expect rhythmic editing – it’s that speed does not seem to be an issue in his working method, with each shot and camera movement in the widescreen video seeming carefully selected and considered. The images sit just long enough for the viewer to soak them up for what they’re worth, whilst the subject matter has been chosen precisely to fit Southern Shores’ pan-continental nu-balearic vibe.

Cascine released Southern Shores’ ‘New World’ EP on October 2nd.

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