Premiere: Soosh - For You (Dels & Eli T Remix)

The Big Dada rapper jumps on a lovely cut from Soosh's new remix LP.

After delivering a truly excellent mix stocked full of original material for us back in February and releasing his debut LP Colour Is Breathe on the Error Broadcast label, Iranian-Scottish producer Soosh has also released a remix LP on the same label.

Simply titled Colour Is Breathe Remixes, the LP features re-imaginings of his dreamy downtempo electronica from the likes of Slugabed, Evenings and Dam Mantle amongst others, including a Dels and Eli T remix of For You, which has been given a hypnagogic treatment by director Erin Van Occi. With a kaleidoscopic journey through various landscapes jarring against Dels’ nonchalant rhymes and Eli T’s production, it’s a luscious and captivating video that shows the scope this brand of electronica has for a more adventurous kind of visual presentation.

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