Premiere: Mowgli - Cadence

Watch a disturbing new video from hip hop artist Mowgli, whose new project warps Mount Kimbie songs into blistering works of performance art.

MOWGLI // Cadence (Mount Kimbie Vocal Tribute – Video) from mowgli mowgles on Vimeo.

‘Mont.Alk’ is a new project from eloquent MC Mowgli, who first made ripples with his debut album ‘93’ back in 2010.

Taking a defiant leap away from that 76-minute, meandering record, ‘Mont.Alk’ is a sonic love letter to London’s electronic duo Mount Kimbie. Taking three of the duo’s songs and re-imagining them as visceral poetry, Mowgli has created four pieces of vastly distinct works that spiral through an aggressive stream of consciousness.

In his own words:

“Montalk is not an official release, it is merely a tribute to some great producers that have inspired me in recent years. It started as a personal project, however, it grew quickly into something that I wanted to share with others as I believe it is important. The video by Lynch & Leigh and director Benjamin Winston was born as part of the natural evolution that saw this project grow from nothing, just an experiment, but turn into something larger.”

In Cadence, the vocal abandon of lines like “first word gathered in mouth/ lips quivering/ lip on lip/ lip lipping lip” thrums over the mash of Mount Kimbie’s unmistakable, if out-of-sorts, production. In an unravelling thread of thought and sound, Mowgli spits, “Marjorie and Jack/ choose another static clause akashic molasses poured from the/ Back of the attic/ Batten down the hatches.” Each line offers up something new to get stuck on, a fresh sound that clicks and whirs into place, giving you new angles from which to examine a familiar musical landscape.

Stream the video for Cadence for the first time at Dummy, and head to the ‘Mont.Alk’ website for more information on the project.

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