Premiere: J Churcher - I Remember

Spacious melodies meet moonlit Lynchian visuals in the second offering from illusive songwriter J Churcher.

Very little is known about J Churcher. The London-based songwriter started making ripples last month when In The Summer arrived on his SoundCloud, introducing the world to his spacious, acoustic musings. One month on and the better half of 3K plays under his belt, Churcher follows up with an even dreamier offering.

I Remember situates J Churcher somewhere between Kelela and Christopher Owens. In terms of melody, there is a classic, somewhat traditional approach on show. Pathos-heavy lyrics, throbbing guitar lines and a reverb-laden mix which set him apart from the standard singer / songwriter banner. Complete with moonlit Lynchian visuals – I Remember doesn’t give much more away about the man behind the music, but it does a brilliant job of keeping us very, very interested in what he’ll do next.

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