Premiere: Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat

A minimalistic, atmospheric cover of the Wire classic with seals of approval from a number of high profile fans.

Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat (official video) from Gazelle Twin on Vimeo.

Gazelle Twin, the recording alias of UK-based Elizabeth Walling, has no shortage of high profile fans – Ridley Scott and Gary Numan count amongst her admirers, as well as film composer Clint Mansell, who actually went as far as remixing one of the tracks from her new EP, titled ‘Mammal’ and due for release on Sugarcane. The closing track on that EP is Heartbeat, which eagle-eared listeners should recognise as a cover of the Wire classic of the same name, approved personally by Colin Newman himself. Gazelle Twin’s reinterpretation is a minimal electronic version that is ice cold in its atmosphere, thanks mostly down to Walling’s ethereal, mid-90s trip hop recalling vocal. It’s a far cry from other notable covers of this song, either way.

Sugarcane will release Gazelle Twin’s ‘Mammal’ EP on January 29th, with remixes from Clint Mansell, Kuedo, Renaissance Man and Alixander III.

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