Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Spectral Split

This visual for one of the centrepieces of the producer's sprawling new work is a superior example of a performance video.

While you might still be getting your head around the immersive space of Pantha Du Prince and the Bell Laboratory’s ‘Elements of Light’ release, this video offers a enriching glimpse into how the collaboration manifests in a live setting.

Continuous shots of the instruments incorporated – glockenspiels, mixers, steel pans, drums, laptops, not to mention the 50 bell carillon – glimmer with beams of light bouncing off them, providing a subtle reference to the LP’s title. Later, we see shots of an entranced crowd – and I can’t help but well up with jealousy. Special mention must go to the fetching lab-style aprons worn during the performance – further casting Pantha and the Norwegian ensemble as masterful technicians in this immensely percussive, multi-faceted project.

Rough Trade will release ‘Elements of Light’ on the 14th January.

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