Outfit - Everything All The Time

Tropical tones swirl and repeat in the Wirral band's shoulder-swaying new video.

A British summer is sunshine and rain, joy and pain, the one following the other in a tail-chasing eternal swirl. For me, it’s also the time of year when, weirdly, the indie-er of bands grow in appeal. Case in point: I went to a listening party in Dalston last night organised by Chairman Kato in which seven of us had been invited to pick three songs to play to a group. Josh Hall who writes for The Quietus and The Line Of Best Fit was one of the pickers and amongst his three was Outfit. It kind of took me unawares – a cloud of a perfumed melody of which the name now escapes me. In the way of happy happenstances, this video to the Wirral band’s chime-y, Duran Duran-y belter Everything All The Time has just surfaced, and it’s as shimmery and tropical as one would hope.

Double Denim released ‘Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again’ on 14th May 2012

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