Nu Brand Flexxx - Project: Cherryade

Grime group bring back a star instrumental and crash a party on their new song.

Grime’s status as party music is often derided for legendary figures like Roll Deep’s slips into generic electro-house, but it isn’t all that bad really. Nu Brand Flexxx have been making their own brand of half-serious, hook-driven grime from day one, with tracks like Gash by the Hour proving that a “novelty” song that you still enjoy years after it was first popular isn’t just a novelty.

It’s something that they talk about specifically on Project: Cherryade – as well as things like “I’m in Café 1001, I am my mum’s first born son, I damage my liver and lungs, with the liquor and an 8 ball of punk”, obviously – as they add their vocals to a favourite Darq E Freaker track of the same name. The song will be released alongside the earlier Chillin ‘n’ Billin on the group’s EP ‘The Trip’, out Wednesday 10th December.

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