Novelist x Mumdance - 1 Sec

On Novelist's 18th birthday, he shares the pared-down video for 1 Sec, his set-to-be-massive new collaboration with Mumdance.

Novelist turns 18 today, and with that there's a new video for 1 Sec, his sure-to-be-massive collaboration with producer Mumdance.

Directed by Simon Halsall and shot around Lewisham (where else?), it's a stylish take on the usual pared-down, streets-'n'-estates grime video aesthetic that probably benefitted from the video budget of his label XL Recordings.

Novelist and Mumdance's '1 Sec' EP is out today. Their first officially-released collaboration, the single Take Time for Rinse, was one of Dummy's favourite tracks of 2014.

Novelist x Mumdance '1 Sec' EP tracklist:

01. 1 Sec
02. Shook
03. 1 Sec (Instrumental)
04. Shook (Instrumental)

XL Recordings release the '1 Sec' EP on January 20th 2015 (buy).

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