Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue

Nosaj Thing and Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino show off a cutting-edge new video inspired by the structure of the sun's eclipse.

From all the singles, albums and remix credits, the name Nosaj Thing should be quite familiar to most of you by now. His most recent track, Eclipse/_Blue_, features guest vocals of Kazu Makino, from New York’s often-sublime Blonde Redhead, but the most surprising thing is its accompanying video. Directed by Tokyo artist and programmer Daito Manabe, the video features a live dance performance that was inspired by the structure of the sun’s eclipse (why not?) against a projected backdrop which, through the use of technology that makes little sense to us mere mortals, reacts to the dancer’s movements.

It’s a wonder to behold, and makes me think of those terrible “Top 100 Music Video” countdown shows that used to be on TV a few years ago. Those archive shows gave their respects to the form with all the usual classic music videos, but what of the many, many new videos that get released online today? Videos like Nosaj Thing’s show some of the most incredible visual breakthroughs that technology has afforded us and appear on an almost daily basis, yet they run at risk of being forgotten almost as soon as they’re watched – it seems unlikely that these will appear on Channel 4 any time soon.

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