Nick Hook - Sirens (with El-P and Rood)

Torchlight tortured thoughts are brought to life in this witty video for New York producer's latest.

Spooked out and riled up, Sirens was the centrepiece to New York Nick Hook’s ‘Without You’ EP that dropped back in October – and now it’s got a video that nails the track’s ambience with brilliantly dark wit. Brooklyn rapper El-P and pal Rood’s turns on the mic are acted out and camped up by a kid telling horror stories in a tent in her backyard. With her torchlight making menacing shapes of innocent shadows, it’s a super simple yet super impactful concept that recalls the visual inventiveness of Missy and Busta back in the day.

Scion A/V released the ‘Without You’ EP as a free download on 9th October 2012.

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