Nautic - Fresh Eyes (Live at Boiler Room)

A mesmerising performance from the soulful trio in Boiler Room's intimate surroundings.

Nautic’s debut single Fresh Eyes, the A-side to our recent song of the week Fixxx, is serious business: a minimalist, downtempo number that feels straight from the soul and includes the most tasteful use of a saxophone this year. The group, comprising of general don Bullion, Blue Roses’ Laura Groves and Young Turks’ Tic, recently took to the Boiler Room as part of a Young Turks’ special to perform the single. I’ve always been a fan of the band-in-a-club setup, those twenty minutes where the dancing stops and the revellers soak it up – it can often be jarring, but when it works, it’s magical. Watching Nautic’s intimate performance, practically touching the crowd in the Boiler Room’s tiny space, takes me right back to those moments.

Fans are advised to check out Bullion’s recent introductory mix for his label DEEK to soak up similar sounds.

DEEK released Nautic’s debut single Fresh Eyes/Fixxx on 3rd December 2012

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