!!! - Most Certain Sure

A video that puts together the bits of this 80s B-movie about stunts for Chk Chk Chk's latest song.

Californian eight-piece !!! (Chk Chk Chk) have just released a new video for their track Most Certain Sure from last year’s ‘Strange Weather, Isn’t It?’ LP. Directed by Ethan Vogt, this six-minute bassy, funky song is filled with synthy and echo-y guitar chords; with its video displaying footage of forgotten B-movie Stunt Rock (tagline: “Death At 120 Decibels”) . The concept behind this video came from a night when “some people”, according to !!!, “got stoned one night and figured out the song Most Certain Sure matched up with Stunt Rock it as well as Wizard of Oz syncs up Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Voila! Video magic.” It “contains many extremely dangerous stunts, “do not imitate what you see.” You’ve been warned.

Warp released !!!‘s ‘Strange Weather, Isn’t It?’ on the 16th August, 2011

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