Mogwai soundtrack film about sailing a raft of trash up the Hudson River

Build a boat from a city's waste, take it to the source of the river that created the city, row it back.

Hudson River Project on

Glasgow’s post-rockers Mogwai are set to score an upcoming film direct by Antony Crook and written by cyclist James Bowthorpe, as Pitchfork report.

The film is titled Hudson River Project and it will follow James on a rowing journey down the river, with a vessel constructed using garbage from the streets of New York. According to the filmmakers, Mogwai will also release the soundtrack as an album.

The Hudson River Project film will also contain an interactive element by Ben Tricklebank, who was the creative director for Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown project.

You can stream the trailer of this incredible-sounding project above, or contribute via Kickstarter.

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