Midnight Davis - Letting It Flow

Fall down the rabbit hole with this 60s animation inspired new video for the mysterious London producer.

Like the abstract swirling corridors that the Pink Panther used to rush down in those 1960s cartoons, this video for London producer Midnight Davis’s track Letting It Flow has a similarly hypnotic affect. It was made by director Rob McDougall, who said of the making of it: “The motion itself was very much influenced by early motion graphics pioneer John Witney, whose computer animations from the 60’s blew my mind. His work always felt like it was taking you on a journey of some sort, a style I tried to emulate by exploring ways of taking the viewer through the different boards, and by linking each board to the next in some way.

The EP is available on cassette, pic below, with artwork by Dummy’s very own Meg Sharp.


Five Easy Pieces released Midnight Davis’ debut EP ‘Aftershocks’ on 23rd January 2012

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