Lil B - I Love You

The Based God takes a trip to a pet shop and cries surrounded by fish.

Cuddling a giant snake, Lil B smiles at the camera and sings ‘doo doo doo, my names Lil B, and I love you’. While that might sound like a spoof, the Berkeley wordsmith executes it without a trace of irony.

Having proved his love for animals as the first rapper to sign a cat to his label, I Love You has The Pack member in a pet shop, stroking a dog and cupping a mouse in his hands. Although the song itself might not top any best of ‘13 lists, the positivity of Lil B’s free-flowing message is truly touching. His lines are a refreshing antidote to inherently moneyed and chauvinistic values of the rap game – “never had money so I cant respect it, really I value friends … I just do the best that I can.”

B’s determination to “spread so much love” comes at a time where hatred in rap and diss tracks have sadly been occupying the limelight. He has previously reached out to the LGBT community by releasing an album entitled ‘I’m Gay (I’m Happy)’ as well as making attempts to bring universal health care to the world.

Towards the end of the video, the Based God gives a tearful speech where he earnestly thanks his fans and family – “I’m crying for everybody man and real love, ‘cos that’s where the music comes from, its 100% real love.” It’s impossible to watch without feeling a bit emotional.

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