LHF - Akashic Visions

Video from wonderful London production collective.

LHF are a London-based production collective whose distinctive half-step is making quick work of finding converts. Double Helix, Low Density Matter and Amen Ra make sounds which could be described – at a push- as bass or dubstep or jungle, but actually make up an unusually well-developed aesthetic which is entirely their own.

Their tracks are full of intricate textures, atmospheric pressure and frequent, perfectly judged samples, and they echo with elements of jungle, DMZ dubstep and lo-fi soundscapes.

Their debut album, “Keepers of the Light”, will be released by Keysound Recordings on April 2nd, and here’s a chance to hear the first single, Akashic Visions. The video is a nicely done and very fitting choice of found footage – watch it above.

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