Milanese videomakers and experimental pop musicians Le ROSE

Le ROSE are a pair of music and video makers, based in Milan, who make "transversal pop with experimental influences".

Milanese videomakers and experimental pop musicians Le ROSE

Flavio Scutti and Andrea Noce are Postosegreto an eccentric duo, who make italo disco inspired tunes and create their own 80’s influenced videos. They also have an amazing collection of videos that inspire them on their blog Technique

Le ROSE describe their music as “pop with romantic nuances and a marked audacity for electronics, italian music with an eye in the past and one in the contemporaneous international scenery.” They say they “love the romantic phrases on the walls and they love to sing them running at 120 bpm.” They have “a great passion for everything makes a sound, from the hairdryer to the accordion.”

Le ROSE – “Automobilista” Official Video from Francesco Di Giorgio on Vimeo.

Where are you from?
We’re from Italy, we live in Milan.

What does Postosegreto mean?
It means “secret place” which can be both a inner place into the psyche and a remote planet in the outer space, like in Tarkowsky’s ‘Solaris’. Postosegreto is our web identity, Flavio Scutti and Andrea Noce. Together we formed the band called le ROSE.

Why did you start postosegreto
We were tired to release music for others, cause we really wanted to do something different and put it in a more artistic frame. We also wanted to promote the music and the videos we love in our city doing gigs and cultural events and through the internet posting videos and music mostly unknown. That’s why, like many other people, we started Postosegreto, a virtual box for hidden, unknown but amazing ideas.
Actually “Postosegreto” was the brand we used to organize parties in Milan, a city where it’s very cool to have parties in secret locations. We released four events in Milan under the name Postosegreto, two of them inside private flats, and we had international guests of the underground scene, from Germany, Netherlands, Australia and Italy. We promoted the events on the web releasing viral videos such as Postosegreto No.4

What inspires you?
We listen to an incredible amount of music, from pop to experimental music, contemporaneous and from the past. We are actually really fascinated by the ’80s music and mostly by the italo disco scene, where you find names like Celso Valli, Mauro Malavasi, Casco, N.O.I.A., Moroder, Amin Peck. Important the same are names like Piero Umiliani, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Joe Meek, Steve Roach, Manuel Gottsching. We also love movies soundtracks and one of our favourite composer is Bernard Hermann (Taxi Driver is his masterpiece). We also love bands like Talkin Heads, Human League, Soft Cell, Deus and many many other.

What inspires your visuals le ROSE?
Maybe what mostly influenced our visual work is the concept of Kaleidoscope, a circle of mirrors containing loose, coloured objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. The kaleidoscope mechanism contains in itself the metaphysical elements of light, mirror, changing, colour, prismatic vision and infinity. We are also inspired by Philip Glass’s ‘Sesame Street – Geometry of Circles’

Here are a few videos le ROSE find inspiring –

██▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒░░░░ from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

Soft Lighting – On Nibiru from Soft Lighting on Vimeo.

All Around and Away We Go from Twin Sister on Vimeo.

What was the idea behind your new video?
The idea behind ‘Technique’ is the graphical plots of planets and stars in the Space. Many softwares used in the field of the astronomical research are based on this interface.
A few months ago we found in a shop a didactical game called “Il Cerchio Magico” (The Magic Circle) that draw circles of different shapes creating complicated layouts. As you know the circle is also a symbol of ritual magic and mysterious energies. We used digital techniques to dig the origin of the moving image, from its analogical birth,The Muybridge’s horse, to the computer based present.

What’s next for you?
We’re releasing our new EP on may, for Postosegreto publishing. The EP is called ‘Isole 51 42 S 057 51 WEP’, five dreamy songs of abstract dance-pop music. The concept behind this work is the lost of our desires over the civilization and the technological aims. The isle is the symbol of nature and primordial life. The isles we talk about are real places on the earth, but places we never visited save in our mental trips.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
We like a lot the contemporaneous scene known under the name of hypnagogic pop. We follow labels like Not Not Fun, Hippos In Tanks and Mexican Summer that are releasing beautiful new sounds. The latest two albums we’ve listened to are Molly Nilsson’s ‘These Things take Time’ and ‘A Static Place’ by Stephan Mathieu.

More leROSE’s videos;

le ROSE “Monica Vitti” – Official Video from Francesco Di Giorgio on Vimeo.

Le ROSE also invite you to send them your Postosegreto – secret place in their contest