Larry Gus - With All Your Eyes Look

DFA chap's fleet-footed album track is transformed into a joyous burst of line and colour.

Larry Gus' fleet-footed With All Your Eyes Look  the opening track on 'Years Not Living' was deserving of a joyous video - and that's excatly what it's recieved via this Seth Brau-directed clip. As the track's rhythm frenzy builds, an array of lines and shapes gradually gives way to trippy bursts of colour, which at one point looks a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting in space. 

Larry Gus'  Translucid (Two Worlds Cont.) is on our new compilation, ‘Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014’ - it's available to buy now over at the Dummy Shop, and get to know more about Mr. Gus and all the other artists featured on the release via this "Introducing" guide

DFA released 'Years Not Living' on the 2nd September 2013.

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