Kindness live at SXSW 2012

Consummate crooner delivers top pop performance at Austin festival.

Lights, effects, backing singers: the production levels at the Kindness show should in no way be taken as SXSW standard (check the pics below). This was a slick pop operation, carefully, stylishly assembled on stage for the viewing pleasure of the crowd gathered at the Yours Truly and Gorilla Vs Bear party. As if untouched by the heat, the dust and the general rankness of 6th Street just round the corner, Kindess slinked on stage like the consummate crooner: smooth, self-assured and safe in the knowledge his charm would woo the crowd. He was right, too. I was a little too tired to surrender to it entirely but there’s no doubting the calibre of Kindess. Top of the pops.



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